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South Bronx Early College Academy Charter School

SBECA has been serving families in the South Bronx since August 2015 and is open to all students. Teaching and leaning emphasizes the development of knowledge, skills, and understanding through extended attention to authentic challenge within each subject area. In Social Studies, for example, this could mean answering a question like "What is the best form of government?" as students study ancient civilizations and compare them to relevant current issues at the local, state, or federal level is also unique in offering students a core curriculum that includes Computer Science‚ Art, and Music as full-time, full-year subjects.

SBECA has a partnership with WHEDco (, a co-founder of the school and a community based organization with a 25-year history of helping families in the Bronx. This partnership offers a range of services and supports to our students and their families, including a range of counseling services and an after school program. SBECA also has established partnerships with Fordham University, Lehman College, NYU, and the American Museum of Natural History. The institutes for higher education bring interns and researchers into the school community to provide support and advance the mission of the school. With AMNH, SBECA is a partner in developing and piloting curricula that integrate computer programming and scientific research in the form of large data sets that allow students to understand how data and the affordances of computing can help answer key questions about the world.