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Beam Center

Beam Center integrates art, design, science and engineering with traditional academic objectives to support student pathways to career and higher education. Aiming to surmount barriers to opportunity for marginalized student populations, we create learning communities in and out of school for youth and educators with art and technology-integrated projects. Young people collaborate and create while learning skills in welding, physical computing, carpentry, ceramics, textiles, video, programming and design.

In 2017 we worked with over 100 teachers and 3500+ students at 23 public schools in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx, and over 1000 2nd-12th graders at in-house programs. Our partner schools predominantly serve low-income students who are Black, Latino or newly immigrated. Our faculty of artists, designers, fabricators, and electrical and software engineers share their creative practices with students and teachers at our facility and in NYC public schools. Our programs, take place in public school classrooms throughout NYC, at Beam Center in Red Hook, Brooklyn and in Strafford, New Hampshire at Beam Camp.