Teacher Pipeline

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CSNYC is committed to supporting a sustainable CS teacher pipeline and community that nurtures CS teacher learning and engagement. In our first three years, CSNYC-sponsored programs have provided professional development to more than 200 teachers in 150 schools.

Professional development for current teachers is integral to the strategy of Computer Science for All (CS4All), a 10-year initiative to bring CS to every student in the NYC public schools.

However, training current teachers is only the first step in a long-term plan to create equitable, sustainable access to CS for all of NYC’s public school children. To ensure that CS4All is sustainable in the future, we need a pipeline of qualified new teachers who can enter the system ready to teach CS at all grade levels and with the depth and richness of other subject areas.

This pipeline must also include a trajectory that does not end at the classroom door but continues to provide opportunities for growth and development—even for relatively experienced teachers.

CSNYC supports the development of the CS teacher pipeline in several ways, including:

  • CSNYC Education Meetups: Our Meetups support a vibrant, self-sustaining community of CS educators collaborating to enhance CS student learning.
  • Pre-service pipeline: Collaboration with postsecondary institutions helps develop a range of program options to prepare future CS teachers and establish a path to certification.

Pipeline Report

Building a Computer Science Teacher Pipeline for New York City