Knowledge Forum 2016

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In April 2016, CSNYC hosted its first Knowledge Forum, with support from the National Science Foundation, to gather the CS education research community to help build an agenda for NYC and develop connections among the participants. More than 60 individuals representing academia, research firms, consultancy firms, practitioners and funders participated in the all-day event. The informative sessions and opportunities to network have already led to partnerships that will benefit research for K12 computer science education in NYC. CSNYC is working to build out programming based on participant feedback for the coming years.

Project Goals

The outcomes from the workshop will focus on evaluation of the CS4All initiative and the research that will accompany the CS4All implementation. Regarding evaluation, CSNYC will:

  1. build consensus around key issues such as teacher training, student outcomes, and curricular implementations;
  2. delineate external and internal evaluation priorities with regards to CS4All;
  3. describe structures for conducting internal evaluations for improving programs.

With regards to research, CSNYC will:

  1. identify and prioritize topics for research to accompany CS4All;
  2. construct a roadmap for longitudinal outcomes and necessary data collections;
  3. define ways in which CSNYC can support the research community in pursuing the research agenda over the course of CS4All.


Time Topic Speaker(s)
9:00-9:30am Arrival and breakfast CSNYC
9:30-9:40am The Vision: What is the desired impact over 10 years and what role will research and evaluation (R&E) play? Michael Preston, CSNYC
9:40-10:00am Opening keynote: Improving K-12 computer science education by school and nationally Jeffrey Forbes, Duke University
10:00-10:30am Landscape of K12 CS programs in NYC Moderator:
Michael Preston, CSNYC
Debbie Marcus, NYC DOE
Don Miller, NYC DOE
Leigh Ann DeLyser, CSNYC
10:30-10:45am Break
10:45-11:30am Breakout sessions:

- RFP Information Panel: During this panel, the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions of the lead architect of the CS4All Evaluation RFP.

- CS Blueprint Brainstorm: In this session, the DOE will enlist participants’ support in identifying the various skills and concepts that NYC students should learn in key grade bands (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12).
RFP Information Panel
Jason Ravitz, Google
Scott Liening, NYC DOE
Leigh Ann DeLyser, CSNYC

CS Blueprint Brainstorm
Facilitator: Don Miller, NYC DOE
11:30-11:45am Icebreaker
11:45am-12:30pm Lunch
12:30-1:00pm CS Education Research in NYC Leigh Ann DeLyser, CSNYC
1:00-2:00pm Research brainstorming: Brainstorm and discuss key research topics and questions for CS education Moderator: Alex Bowers, Teachers College
Facilitators: Kenny Graves, Teachers College
Kelsey Finkel, CSNYC
2:00-2:30pm Afternoon keynote: Data science at the New York Times Chris Wiggins, NY Times
2:30-2:45pm Break
2:30-3:40pm Building the research strategy: Collectively prioritize research topics, questions and projects Moderator: Alex Bowers, Teachers College
Facilitators: Kenny Graves, Teachers College
Kelsey Finkel, CSNYC
3:40-4:00pm Closing Michael Preston, CSNYC

Project Team

Leigh Ann DeLyser

Dr. Leigh Ann DeLyser is the Director of Research and Education at CSNYC. Dr. DeLyser is currently collaborating with WestEd on a validated measure of teacher pedagogical content knowledge, and has prior publication in Item Response Theory and Think Aloud Protocols, additionally she is working with the implementation of CS Principles through the BJC4NYC project.

June Mark

June Mark is a Managing Project Director at EDC, and currently co-PI of the Beauty and Joy of Computing for New York City project, an NSF-funded MSP, and also leads other STEM education efforts.

Kelsey Finkel

Dr. Kelsey Finkel is the Director of Evaluation and Strategy at CSNYC, and the Education Research Consultant to the Robertson Foundation. At CSNYC, Dr. Finkel oversees the development and execution of the organization’s strategic priorities.

Next Steps

Going forward, our roadmap will involve the following interlocking, winding, pathways:

  • Create space and time for researchers to engage and learn from one another.
  • Semi-annual K12 CS Research Meetup: Hosted twice per year, these meetups will invite the K12 CS education research community to gather alongside practitioners to share insights and identify opportunities for collaboration in a more informal setting.
  • Annual Knowledge Forum: Each year, the Knowledge Forum will invite researchers to gather for a day of learning about the K12 CS ecosystems in NYC, and shaping the research and evaluation that is supporting this work.
  • Support the coordination of research projects around a common agenda reflective of the knowledge gaps in delivering high-quality K12 CS education.
  • Continually solicit feedback on and refine priorities.
  • Connect researchers around priorities.
  • Disseminate and aggregate resources and insights for building on the research.
  • Connect researchers to practitioners to build systems for translating findings into practice
  • Leverage researcher-practitioner engagement to support research in addressing practical questions.
  • Communicate the practical implications of research.
  • Support practitioners in making use of research and connecting with the research community.

Funding for the CSNYC Knowledge Forum: Launching Research and Evaluation for Computer Science Education, for Every School and Every Student in New York City was provided through grant number 1637654 by the National Science Foundation. Any opinions, findings, or conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the CSNYC Knowledge Forum and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.