Community Building

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CSNYC supports the development of a dynamic, ever-growing community of individuals and organizations committed to K12 CS education. In addition to facilitating the exchange of valuable information on CS-related resources and events, CSNYC hosts several convenings every year through the CSNYC Education Meetup, including:

Community Meetups provide an open, social, and informational space for individuals working in, or interested in, computer science education to meet, gather and share ideas. The Community Meetups enable purposeful networking among educators, administrators, technologists, volunteers, and others who support the CS education movement.

Pedagogy Meetups offer a space for computer science teachers to share and exchange valuable pedagogical knowledge and practice from their classrooms. At each Pedagogy Meetup, CSNYC provides a platform for experienced teachers to present on a high-leverage practice or set of practices, which other teachers can adopt.