CSNYC Programs

CSNYC develops programming in four areas that are central to building thriving ecosystems for CS education in NYC and nationwide.

Community Building

Since its launch in 2012, CSNYC has been committed to building a multi-sector, multi-stakeholder community of individuals committed to K12 CS education and futures. To this end, CSNYC connects, convenes and supports these individuals both locally and nationally.

Industry Engagement

CSNYC believes that industry engagement plays a significant role in the development of interest in CS curriculum and careers. Student and teacher interaction with tech-sector professionals—in a wide range of forms, including internships, job shadowing, site visits, coaching, or in-classroom activities—creates a sense of possibility, motivates classroom work, and inspires future academic and career pathways.

Teacher Pipeline

CSNYC is committed to supporting a sustainable CS teacher pipeline and community that nurtures CS teacher learning and engagement. In our first three years, CSNYC-sponsored programs have provided professional development to more than 200 teachers in 150 schools.


CSNYC works to engage the K12 CS and broader education research community and to coordinate research into K12 CS in NYC in ways that translate into high-quality CS teaching and learning. This involves programs in four key areas: 

  1. engaging the research community; 
  2. conducting and disseminating our own research; 
  3. building funding sources; and 
  4. leveraging expertise of the broader CS education community.