In September 2015, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Computer Science For All (CS4All), a 10-year initiative to scale computer science education to 100% of the city’s public schools. CS4All is a public-private partnership between CSNYC and the City of New York and the NYC Department of Education. Contact Jennifer Klopp at jennifer@csnyc.org for more information about this initiative.

The vision

By 2025, all New York City public school students will receive at least one meaningful, high-quality CS learning experience at each school level: elementary, middle, and high school. The centerpiece of the initiative is the training of 4,775 teachers who will, by Year 10, bring CS to more than 245,000 students each year.

Why Computer Science?

In an increasingly digital world, knowledge of CS is fundamental to being a critical user and consumer of technology. It offers a new way of thinking and of learning, empowers students with practical knowledge and skills, while nurturing confidence and intrinsic motivation.

Why early and expanded exposure?

Most students in public schools either lack access to CS or gain it too late, after biases and stereotypes have formed. Early and widespread exposure to CS is key to breaking down gender and racial barriers, and will pave the pathways towards greater diversity and equality in the tech sector and relevant academic fields.

Training teachers

To scale CS throughout grades K-12 in all 1,700 schools, CS4All will train 4,775 teachers over 10 years. Participating schools and teachers will have the opportunity to select among programs appropriate for their school and student needs. Training will be managed by the DOE’s central team, with the support of master teachers and curriculum developers. Participating teachers will receive up to 100 hours of training.

Depending on the curriculum, training will commence with intensive sessions in spring or summer and then entail regular professional development (PD) throughout the school year. Across models, training will focus on both developing teachers’ CS content knowledge and the pedagogies that underpin rich student learning. The majority of teachers are expected to have little to no prior knowledge of CS. Changes to certification policy at the state level, new programs at the schools of education, and an expanded job market for CS teachers will gradually shift CS teacher development to the universities.

Budget and fundraising

CS4All will cost an estimated $81 million, borne equally by public and private sectors. CSNYC has committed to raise $40 million. Current commitments include more than $20 million from CSNYC; Robin Hood; Robin Hood Education and Technology Fund; Math for America (MƒA); AOL Charitable Foundation; Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.; Paulson Family Foundation; Hutchins Family Foundation; Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz; Code.org; Hearst Foundations; Ron and Topher Conway; The Rudin Family Foundation; the May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation; and ABNY Foundation.

Unique contribution of CSNYC to CS4All

CSNYC participates in the governance and support of CS4All. Drawing on our unique knowledge and experience, we contribute to the initiative in the following ways:

  1. Oversight: Overseeing fiscal management and program evaluation of implementation quality and impact.
  2. Fundraising: Contributing funds and raising the private commitment.
  3. Stakeholder engagement: Convening CS educators and building partnerships with higher education, industry, and nonprofits.
  4. Thought partner: Providing domain expertise on CS education and its integration throughout the NYC K12 school system.