Our Work

CSNYC is building ecosystems to support computer science education in New York City and nationwide.

Our work includes:

  1. Fundraising, oversight and support for NYC’s 10-year Computer Science for All (CS4All) initiative;
  2. Incubating the national CSforAll Consortium; and
  3. Conducting CSNYC programs that support the expansion of computer science education in schools and the development of an ecosystem of diverse stakeholders to sustain it.


CS4All is a 10-year, $81 million public-private partnership between the City of New York, the NYC Department of Education, and a group of nonprofit organizations led by CSNYC. By 2025, all New York City public school students will receive at least one meaningful, high-quality CS learning experience at each school level: elementary, middle, and high school. Drawing on its unique knowledge and experience, CSNYC is participating in CS4All project governance, implementation, and evaluation and research.

CSforAll Consortium

CSNYC is convening a consortium to build a network around Computer Science for All (CSforAll) at the national level. The Consortium is being led by a steering committee chaired by CSNYC and comprising national stakeholders and thought leaders. The Consortium will collect data and amplify the impact of work in the field, enable communication and coordination among participants, and provide resources and guidance for new initiatives.

CSNYC Programs

To build thriving ecosystems for CS education in NYC and nationwide, CSNYC develops programming across four key areas: community development, teacher pipelines, industry engagement, and research. Together, work in these areas support our partnership with the City of New York in Computer Science for All (CS4All): a 10-year initiative to bring CS to all 1,700 NYC public schools.